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achieved through computer programming, which is carried out by a software programmer and includes processes such as initial research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, software testing, debugging and other software architecture techniques. 




PGBh-US Accounting is a system that receives, liquidate, and releases claim from document generator from all offices of the Provincial Government of Bohol.
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PGBh-US Document Electronic Routing System is a module in PGBh-US Document Generator System. It is a feature that will disseminate communication documents, such as memos, to different offices.
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PGBH-US Assistance Tracking of DTIS enables user to track their documents online ( using the generated tracking number.

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e-Budget - electronic Budget(Provincial Budget Management Office)

Preparation of Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the Provincial Government of Bohol. Processing of claims for obligation using e budget system (payrolls, vouchers, purchase orders).

e-NGAS - electronic New Government Accounting System (Provincial Accountant’s Office)

A system designed to achieve a prompt and accurate recording of financial transaction in the books of accounts, up to date, complete and relevant financial reports for management decision-making, and ensured compliance with the regulatory requirement.

FiTTSys - Financial Transaction Tracking System

An online application module designed to track financial claims from receiving to releasing procedures of the Provincial Accountant’s Office.

FMIS - Financial Management Information System

Financial information system are designed to aid sound fiscal management relevant to effective dispersal of funds, enhanced revenue and promoting government transparency.

Created by: Mart Rey Borromeo

HRIS - Human Resource Information System (Provincial Human Resource Management and Development Office)

A system which consists of tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary. It includes the payroll, time and attendance, appraisal performance, recruitment and online leave application.

Created by: Rio Greg Buscato

ARMS - Audit Recommendation Monitoring System (Provincial Internal Audit Office)

Information System created for the office PIAO – Provincial Internal Audit Office for their transaction. It helps them in tracking/ monitoring the AOMs and other transaction in the office. Mainly use for recording of all the transactions of the office.

PGBh US PBMO - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System (Provincial Budget and Management Office)

Module where receiving of documents of Provincial Budget and Management Office happens.

PGBh US PAccO - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System (Provincial Accountant's Office)

Module where receiving of documents of Provincial Accountant’s Office happens.

PGBh US PTO - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System (Provincial Treasurer's Office)

Module where receiving of documents of Provincial Treasurer’s Office happens.

PGBh US Document Generator - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System Document Generator

A system provides storage, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities. It automatically generates OBr (Obligation Request), DV (Disbursement Voucher) and PAAS (Pre-Audit Action Slip). The system has also the capability of viewing (read only) Work and Financial Plan (WFP).

PGBh US SMS Notification - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System Short Message Service Notification

Sends real-time SMS notification when the document is received/released/pending in all the financial offices (PBMO, PAccO, PTO) and GO-DTIS.

PGBh US Procurement - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System Procurement

A system computerized the manual transaction/work of the office PPMU-BAC (Provincial Procurement and Monitoring Unit-Bids and Award Committee). This program is integrated into other PGBh-US programs (like PGBh – US Document Generator, Budget, Accounting, Treasury, and DTIS-Document Tracking Info. Sys.) An efficient and user-friendly platform will simplify and improve the procurement process by delivering fast and easy transactions and monitoring and tracking procurement-related documents. Generates PPMP and APP.

PGBh US Procurement - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System Procurement (Web Application)

Responsible for creating PPMP (Project Procurement Management Plan), PR (Purchase Request). This module is mainly used for the users/offices of the PGBh (Provincial Government of Bohol). In this module, users/offices can easily track their transactions (PPMP/PR). Users/offices can create a shopping cart for their PPMPs.

PGBh US Procurement - Provincial Government of Bohol Unified System Procurement (Desktop Application)

This module is used exclusively for the employee of PPMU-BAC users. This module is responsible for consolidating all the PPMP (Project Procurement Management Plan), PR (Purchase Request), PRs (Purchase Request), and PO (Purchase Order). Generation of PRs and PO happens in this module. Approval of the PPMPs made by offices happens here. This module user can set statuses/tracking of the PPMP, PR, and PO.

DTIS - Document Tracking Information System (Governor's Office, Provincial Administrator's Office, LGA, Provincial Human Resource Management and Development Office)

Information-system created for the Province of Bohol for tracking documents like financial, communication documents in the province.

AICSS - Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation System (Office of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development)

A program that computerizes the office OPSWD – Office of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development transactions. The program receives and disbursed an amount of cash to individuals in a crisis. Program/system interview the client/individuals if the client passes the interview, then the client will receive the cash.

  • PGBh-US Data Protection
  • DAISy PAccO
  • DAISy PAdmO
  • PAccO listener
  • HRIS PGBh-US employees sync
  • Repair & Maintenance System (BICTO)
  • BICTO Notifier
  • e-Budget data sync



Performance Upgrade and Quicker Development. The users will experience a better load time with such hosts even while being on the same network.


Enhance security zero server maintenance. Transfer the website to server with SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, 100-300x much fast file access/transfer than ordinary hard disk drive. Zero downtime, it cannot easily down the website as long as no error or virus occur on the site. Only Expert IT/System Administrator is responsible to handle the server.


Better Storage.  Most organizations use cloud providers because they offer vast amounts of highly secure data storage at a fraction of the price it would cost them to store the data on premise. Also, you can easily expand and shrink your storage based upon your usage, lows your business to expand and grow painlessly while working within the existing infrastructure. This means applications and data can grow without impacting your business performance or customer experience.


Operational Flexibility. A cloud solution allows you to be more flexible when testing and deploying applications. The IT team does not have to install applications manually or through remote network individually since its deployed from the backend.


Reduced Costs. Cloud migration helps them reduce both operating expense and capital expense by acquiring resources only when required and paying only for the same.


Receiving Module PGBh-US Procurement

  • Change all the credentials used as the connection string to all the systems of PGBh-US
  • Firewall upgrade
  • Remove all inactive users

PGBh-US Accounting, Budget, Treasury and DTIS major updates (security, integrations)